A Collection of Useful Things

This is a demo site for TooLoo’s static site export functionality. It uses the default TooLoo Hugo site.

This is also a collection of utility scripts created by masukomi. Click the name of any of them to see more details, and find links to the source code. If you click “All Commands” to the left you’ll see a listing of them in the left navigation.

“All Commands” is one of many potential “Chapters” to your site.


Folks who came here for the demo of TooLoo’s export will be interested to know that:

  • This site was automatically generated by running tooloo export hugo <path/to/all_commands_dir>.
  • The “Usage” commands you’ll find in the details pages were, in most cases, generated directly by the tool being described, and won’t become outdated when it gets updated.
  • The default TooLoo Hugo site is based on the Learn theme, which is easily customizable and very well documented
  • The search uses Lunr, is entirely self contained, and requires no external services.
  • To see an example of the Asciinema integration check out the git-url page.

Click the name of the command to see details, or find them under “All Commands” in the left navigation bar.

Command Description
backtrace_details Pairs a Ruby backtrace with the corresponding lines of code
bak bak moves or copies the proffered file to a .back version
blankless converts whitespace-only lines to empty lines & optionally deletes.
color-capture Allows you to pipe a script without having its color escape codes stripped
color-picker Launches a color picker that returns a hex code
color_test outputs a smooth gradient band along the RGB spectrum
commands Lists all the executables in your PATH
copstop run rubocop against changed files, or files in last commit
doom a simple emacs launch helper
double_grep double\_grep (double grep) finds lines where 2 search terms appear
edit open a file with :<line\_num> syntax in vim, emacs, or vscode
eo_to_us looks up the English translation of an Esperanto word online
epoch generates the current epoch date
extract_prs_from_branch extracts a list of open/closed/all PRs from a branch
fao Find And Open - find files with matching names and opens them in your editor
find_in_branches greps each of your branches for a specified string
fingerprints outputs the fingerprints for all your public ssh keys
format_md_links changes the link style of a markdown file relative <-> inline
format_sql replaces the contents of a SQL file with a formatted version
fswatch cross platform file change monitor
fuser list the process ids of things using a file
gdef Finds the definition of a Ruby, Crystal, or Elixir function
git-add-conflicted runs git add on any unmerged (conflicting) files
git-ammender adds changed files to last commit, and force pushes with gpup
git-branch-pr Shows or opens the Pull Request (PR) for the current branch
git-branchdate Lists the date of the last commit of each branch
git-brv A sorted prettier git branch -vv
git-conflicted lists unmerged (confilcting) files
git-cop a replacement for checkout that works with branch names copied from PRs
git-delete-tag helper script to delete a git tag
git-find-twins Finds other git branches whose HEADs point to the same
git-log-deleted runs git log for a file path that has been deleted
git-oldest-ancestor finds the oldest common ancestor between two git treeishes
git-url generates an url to the specified file and/or commit in GitHub or GitLab
git-who Outputs a list of people who’ve worked on a file sorted by commits
hex2rgb convert a hex color to RGB & ANSI Foreground & background
hr outputs a horizontal rule the width of your terminal
html2pdf Converts html to pdf by way of Google Chrome
httpcat Tells you what an HTTP status code means.
iconset_maker generates a .icns file from a 1024x1024 PNG file
ipaddy returns a list of your possible IP addresses from ifconfig
is_brewed indicates if a package is installed via homebrew
m4a_to_mp3 extracts MP3 files from M4A wrappers
missing_pr_merges Finds PRs that haven’t been merged into the current branch
org2md Converts org files to markdown & performs cleanup
participation creates a sparkline of commit activity by week
pdf_unlock Removes the password protection from a PDF
pr-age outputs the age of a PR in days
prep-itsalive preps a template for an itsalive recording of the specified command
prepend prepends the contents of one file onto another
pretty_print prety\_prints JSON and CSV files
r-classpathify Translates Module X; class Y; lines in a ruby file to X::Y for STDOUT
readable_url downloads URL, applies Readability, outputs HTML or Markdown
rg-ignores finds files that rg may be using to ignore patterns
ruut converts simple nested parens structure into tree-like output
scour strips ANSI escape codes from text
template_commenter adds comments to start & end of .haml, .html, .rhtml, & .erb files
totp a command line TOTP token generator
unbak removes .bak from a file’s name
urldecode decodes any url-encoded strings piped through it
urls2links finds https\* urls in the specifed docs and makes a href tags around them
watch_when Polls a command and reports when its output changes
where_in_git finds a file, or file-path across your local git branches
yadm_ignore adds a string to yadm’s ignore file